April 20, 2024




AXJ was created in 1998 as an independent non-profit global Organization which everyone is invited to join. The main website and hub can be found at: https://axj.com

Since 1998 we have created over 5,000 websites world wide including AXJ NEWS, and recently AXJ MEDIA, AXJ ASKS, and this one AXJ UFO to publish the truth and disclose it to Humanity.

Our goal at AXJ is to stay as independent as possible and publish the News we feel is important to Humanity, and not just one pressure Group, Billionaire, Corporation or another.

We do not necessarily agree with capitalism, socialism, or communism as government models, but definitely not totalitarian systems nor dictatorships.

Our only Agenda is to protect Humanity from disaster. We have been created by the People, for the People and of the Peoples of the world. Our slogan and objective is to live in One World in Peace. Join AXJ and get your website off the ground today!